Directorio de Transporte Metropolitano participa en la Cumbre Mundial de Transporte Público de UITP Barcelona 2023

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  • The team, led by DTPM’s CEO Paola Tapia, presented to key global players in the transportation and mobility sector on the transformation of Red Movilidad and the upcoming procurement processes.



From June 4th to 7th, the Global Public Transport Summit of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) took place in the city of Barcelona, one of the largest events worldwide dedicated to urban mobility. DTPM was present with the participation of our Director/CEO, Paola Tapia, our Chief Technology Officer, Alejandro Schmidt, and our Chief Financial Officer, Diego Cruz.


During the event, with the attendance of over 100 people, the DTPM team presented alongside InvestChile in a session named "The Investment Opportunity: Santiago de Chile Advances in its Mobility Agenda." They highlighted the main points of the public transportation transformation, including procurement processes for bus renewal and new ticketing and fleet management technologies. Additionally, they provided details on new tender processes, such as the bus operation procurement, capturing the interest of the attendees.


The Director/CEO also participated in a panel during the conference focused on leadership and climate change, alongside representatives from New York, Dakar, London, Singapore, and others. She shared Chile's experience with sustainable transportation and advancements in electromobility in adverse scenarios such as climate change and the COVID pandemic.


Furthermore, she attended other transportation-related meetings, including a panel on "Strategies to Accelerate Electric Mobility" with representatives from Africa and Latin America in the context of a summit organized by the European Commission and the World Bank. They discussed the latest trends on the economics of electric mobility and explored the opportunities and challenges brought by the adoption of electric vehicles, buses, charging infrastructure, and energy, while sharing each country's perspective on electromobility.


Paola Tapia referred to this experience, stating, "We had the opportunity to meet with more than 30 companies, operators, and authorities, where we were able to showcase various initiatives and present the main challenges that DTPM will face in the coming years. Through these presentation spaces, we also invited different international stakeholders to be part of the future of mobility in our city."


Additionally, Chief Financial Officer Diego Cruz participated in the forum "Paratransit and Fleet Renewal Programs in Latin America," where he addressed the experience of the fleet renewal process in public transportation in Santiago de Chile.


The team had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in technologies, including buses, fleet management, passenger information, payment systems, optimization, as well as the future role of data management and artificial intelligence incorporation.


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