DTPM attends the APTA Expo and TransformConference 2023 in Orlando

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  • The team from the Public Transport Authority of Santiago, DTPM, presented on the transformation of Red Movilidad and the future renewal processes to key global players in the public transportation and mobility sector.


Between October 8th and 11th, a new conference of the American Public Transport Association (APTA), a global event dedicated to public transportation and mobility, took place in Orlando, United States. During the event, Public Transport Authority of Santiago (DTPM) was represented by the participation of the Chief Technology Officer, Alejandro Schmidt, the Chief Financial Officer, Diego Cruz, and the Chief Innovation Officer, Alejandra Provoste. They conducted a presentation alongside InvestChile titled "Developments in public transportation and new projects in Santiago, Chile."


The main points addressed during the session were the public transport system transformation with bus renewal and new technologies, and how these are applied to payment systems, fleet management, and operational optimization. Additionally, there was a presentation on the progress of the upcoming tender processes, including technological projects and bus operation and supply contracts.


The DTPM team also had the opportunity to meet with a wide range of companies, public transport authorities, and key industry stakeholders, in addition to staying updated on the latest international trends and innovations in public transportation.


Additionally, DTPM’s CFO, Diego Cruz, participated in the "Zero Emission Buses: A Global Perspective" forum, where he presented the experience of the Metropolitan Public Transport System in the incorporation of electromobility and Chile's international leadership in this regard.


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